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Designing landscape lighting involves more than just connecting a few lights. It requires careful thought about the shape of your house, the features of your outdoor area, the power sources you have, and many other factors. At Light the Carolinas, we focus on providing outdoor landscape lighting fixtures and patio landscape lighting. If you need any landscape lighting services, we’re available to assist you. We offer a wide range of landscaping services all year round and a 20-year manufacturer warrant on landscape lights. 

Make your home shine and enhance the beauty of your landscaping

Adding landscape lights is a wonderful way to give your home and outdoor area a distinctive touch. Whether it's using up-lights to highlight your house, patio lights for better visibility in the evenings, or pathway lights to guide you along driveways and walkways, there are plenty of choices available.


Professional Installation

When outdoor landscape lighting is installed correctly, it can wonderfully enhance the beauty of your landscaping and home while ensuring that your property always looks its finest. Moreover, these lights can improve visibility, safety, and convenience in your outdoor space. If you're eager to showcase a recent renovation, we are here to assist you. We can create an energy-efficient and affordable lighting plan that will perfectly complement your property.

Lighting Maintenance

We value your ideas and want to hear them! When you choose Light the Carolinas, we collaborate with you to create a personalized landscape lighting plan that aligns with your unique preferences and needs. We appreciate your ideas and are eager to listen to them! When you select Light the Carolinas, we work together with you to design a customized landscape lighting plan that perfectly matches your individual preferences and requirements.

Experience the Magic of Landscape Lighting: Book a Free Demonstration !

Not sure if outdoor landscape lighting can truly make a noticeable impact on your property? Why not see it firsthand? We are among the few landscape lighting companies in that provide free demonstrations of outdoor lighting! Once you witness the transformative effect of appropriate outdoor landscape lighting on your property and landscaping, improving visibility at night and making your property stand out, we are confident you will be convinced! Don't delay any further. Call today to book a free demonstration.



If you need assistance with event lighting design and installation, look no further than Light the Carolinas.

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